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Bill Vander Zalm demands Elections BC act as missing ballot complaints rise

VANCOUVER – Fight HST is asking any voter who requested an HST referendum ballot from Elections BC but has not yet received one to immediately contact Fight HST through the email form below.

Fight HST leader and former BC Premier Bill Vander Zalm says the organization has already received hundreds of emails and phone calls from worried voters who didn’t get an HST referendum ballot in the mail, called Elections BC’s telephone hotline to get one and still have no vote – with the August 5 deadline looming.

“No registered voter who contacted Elections BC before the July 22 deadline and who has not yet received their ballot should be denied a vote – that would be an affront to democracy,” Vander Zalm said.  “Elections BC has the power to remedy this situation, which threatens to disenfranchise thousands of voters through no fault of their own.  Elections BC must act now to solve this problem.”

Vander Zalm is asking voters who have not received ballots to allow Fight HST to tell their story to the media to ensure that Elections BC understands the magnitude of the problem and the frustration.  Some voters have already done so – here are a few examples:

“Have been traveling across Canada this summer for 2 months.  Called Elections BC to get a ballot for both my husband and I, sent to P.E.I. Canada with 9 days to arrive before we got there.  It is now 3.5 weeks later and not there yet.  Called elections BC again on July 14 to then have ballots sent to Newfoundland as we were moving on.  Two weeks now and it is still now there and unfortunately we are now heading out west towards home again and will be unable for either of us to vote.  Any questions or suggestions please contact us via email or call our cell.

Thank you Carla and Joe Rauer-Reis, South Delta.

“I am missing a total of 3 ballots for my household.  I also had called in for my dad who also is still waiting for his ballot.  I had did a quick survey with my friends and family and several of them have not received them. I also have informed chek 6 news.

Thanks Sarb Gill, Surrey.”

“I have contacted Elections BC 4 times and they sent my ballot package to my old address not once but twice even though it was correct for the last election and my husband received his package.

They have told me I cannot pick a package up in person and that I should contact Canada Post.  I want Elections BC investigated….

Alanna Hulko, Sidney, BC

Fight HST strategist Bill Tieleman said Elections BC has several possible remedies within its power, including to extend the deadline for ballots received, to accept statutory declarations from voters who swear they are eligible to vote, contacted Elections BC to receive a ballot but did not get one, and to issue ballots to those voters who for whatever reason were not sent one despite requesting it.

“Every voter has a democratic right to vote in this HST referendum.  Whether they didn’t get a vote because of human error or computer error, whether it happened at Canada Post or Elections BC – it doesn’t matter now,” Tieleman said.  “The solutions are easily at hand and the credibility of both mail in ballots and this important HST referendum are at stake – Elections BC has to get this fixed before the deadline and get these voters their ballots as promised.”

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Comment by Lynn Parke
2011-07-30 21:27:36

I called Elections BC on July 15 to ask where my voting package was and they told me I wasn’t even on the voters list! I have voted in both provincial and federal elections so this simply doesn’t make any sense. The assured me that my package would be sent in the mail and I didn’t receive it until the 28th of July. During this time I called elections BC to ask why it was taking so long and they said that although my information was recorded on July 15 the “batch” wasn’t sent out until July 20th. Considering the dead line is fast approching I didn’t understand how they could afford to wait to send out voting packages?

Comment by John Wood
2011-08-01 08:51:50

We have to recognize that the BC Liberal government and it’s employees will be doing everything they legally can (and probably illegal as well) to make the referandum go in their favour. if it means delaying the ballots papers from getting to the voters – that is what they will do.

I don’t believe for one minute, that they will be honest and legitimate on the handling of the received ballots. This stinks of corruption all the way through – starting with Craig James and Elections BC.

Sorry, but it is very hard to be optomistic after a decade of Dishonesty, Deception and Deceit by the Bc Liberals.

Thank you

Comment by Linda
2011-08-02 17:21:23

We have been contending with, this wretched, corrupt and deceitful BC Liberal party for, what, eleven years now?

They have been caught over and over, lying, thieving, using dirty tactics, and cheating to win. There is no depth to, how low they will sink.

Where are the NDP on this? There needs to be, some drastic action taken, to be rid of this disgusting BC Liberal party.

There is no point, to try and be fair with them. They have no clue what that means. They are evil and dirty, and that’s all they understand.

Comment by Sharon Tsui
2011-08-04 01:54:37

My husband and I received our ballots, but WITH THE WRONG NAMES! Our fed/prov/municipal voters cards have had our correct names since we’d made the change a decade ago. Now with the HST referendum, they can’t get our names correct? Trying to make things confusing, in the birthdate box, there’s DARK gray writing “YYYY MM DD”– They’d better be able to read the numbers written in there and I hope they don’t use it as an excuse to disqualify our ballots! Everything about this referendum smells bad. We just can’t trust the Liberals! I wonder what’s happening with the ballots received at the second warehouse?

Comment by John Thompson
2011-08-04 15:02:42

I returned home from an extended trip to Calgary on July 26th. Anxious to vote in the HST referendum, I located my ballot only to find that I had (supposedly) missed the mail-in deadline. The ballot I’d received clearly indicated that all ballots were to be received no later than July 22nd. Thinking that I’d missed out on voting in this referendum, and in consideration of the personal information included on the ballot, I tore it in half and threw it away.

Subsequently, I discovered that the posted deadline was extended to August 5th, but it is now impossible for me to receive a new ballot and vote. I now realize that this deadline extension was widely publicized, but how was I to know? I wasn’t in BC, and upon returning I was not in receipt of a notice or ammendment from Elections BC. I simply took the ballot I’d received at face value.

Question: Did I just get screwed?

Comment by Jeffrey Pare
2011-08-05 00:27:25

This is against my rights it is an illegal referendum Ihope that the anti hst organizers appeal the referendum to the supreme court of Canada state the or Preimer Christy Clark and Party are in violation to our right to vote I did not receive nor my wife receive a ballot and have been told that with out this ballot We can not vote I have been a Canadian since birth I should be allow enter an election centre and vote I am allow to walk in and vote with out a ballot when it come to our election to whom we want to be Preimer

Comment by Disenchated
2011-08-05 12:47:27

“Hi there,

It appears the HST referendum is rigged. Both me and my wife haven’t received our voting packages eventhough the person living in the basement already received his. This is now our third attempt to vote for the HST referendum. For my wife’s package, we were reassured both the 1st time and 2nd time when we called that they were sent out and resent but we never received them and now they said they were going to resend for the third time. For my package, when I first called, they said my name wasn’t on the registered voter list so they registered it and mentioned they sent it out on July 5th. About 2-3 weeks later I called to let them know I still never received any package. They told me that if I requested a new package and the older package arrived, the older package could no longer be used whether I received the new package or not, so I was advised to wait. Finally when I never received any package both for me and my wife, another call was made to get them to resend the package and again and was advised that it could take another 7 days or so for them to arrive. If they arrived then we have to drive all the way to Langley from Abbotsford since their is no drop off point here and time is running out for them to be received by August 5th. Wonder what would happen to people who live far away from the GVR area, they probably have to drive hours just to exercise their vote if there isn’t enough time to mail in their packages. And if we don’t receive our packages, bascially our rights are forfeited as we can’t even pick up new packages nor request for them to be couriered. I was told by the head who runs this mail in referendum that they can’t courier them to 3 million people when I was getting desperate to exercise my voting right. He earlier told me that only a small percentage of people never received the packages and if it was really small, why would they not make allowances for those to pick them up somewhere (may be at the referendum mail drop off points) or courier them for the so called “small percentage” of people who never received them.

The BC government has really made this mail-in voting so difficult. First they made it in the summer anticipating that many will not vote, then they made a yes vote a No to HST vote and Yes a No vote (talk about trickery). Adding insult to the injury, they made it a mail in ballot where many people may not receive their ballots. It makes me mad that I was told that I will have no right to vote if I didn’t receive the package by August 5th. Isn’t this unconstitutional?”

I wrote above to the Province newspaper and finally received the ballots just 2 days before the deadline. Obviously had to drive 60 kilometres (round trip_ to deliver the ballot. It appears there is some kind of collusion to make it so difficult for voters to vote. I doubt the Libs would stop at this, they would probably do everthing they can to rig the vote in their favour.

Comment by Larrry Chretien
2011-08-08 10:57:37

I agree with you this voting will not work because they are not taking the vote seriously. Why? because the vote is already set in favour to have a larger vote to keep HST and that is what the Liberals and Harper want.
I do not trust Harper or Liberals.

Would they vote this way during a normal election. I dont think so!!

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