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Fight HST Leader and former BC Premier Bill Vander Zalm and Fight HST Lead Organizer Chris Delaney will be representing the “YES” side to extinguish the HST in the upcoming University Town Hall debates – schedule attached.

Mr. Vander Zalm and Mr. Delaney will be presenting the position in favour of voting to extinguish the HST and to return to the PST with the same exemptions as before.

Fight HST led the successful citizen Initiative petition to repeal the HST by gathering over 710,000 signatures in 90 days – resulting in a binding, simple majority Referendum vote by mail-in ballot taking place from June 13 – July 22.

Bill and Chris will be available for media interviews before or after the debates, and can be reached as follows:

Chris Delaney 604-880-4956

May 24
Dawson Creek Northern Lights College
May 25
Ft. St. John Lido Theatre
May 26
Prince George University of Northern British Columbia
May 27
Kamloops Thompson Rivers University
May 28
Penticton Sandman Inn – Penticton
May 29
Vernon Schubert Centre – Vernon
May 30
Kelowna Okanagan College
May 31
Cranbrook College of the Rockies
June 2
Surrey Kwantlen Polytechnic University
June 3
Abbotsford University of the Fraser Valley
June 4
Vancouver University of British ColumbiaTelus Centre
June 6
Sechelt TBA
June 7
Vancouver SFU Wosk Centre for Dialogue
June 8
Victoria Camosun College (Lansdowne Campus)
June 9
Nanaimo Vancouver Island University
June 10
Courtenay Elk’s Lodge, 231 6th St
June 12
White Rock Kent Street Activity Centre Audotorium
June 14
Burnaby/Coquitlam BCIT, Building SE6 room 233 Lot 7
June 15
Maple Ridge / Mission City Hall Chambers, 11995 Haney Place
June 16
Chilliwack Chilliwack Coast Hotel
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Comment by John Pringle
2011-05-21 12:00:50

One of the big selling points in the original pamphlet said that Alcan would save 73 million dollars. Except for executives what is the payroll for Alcan a company that has control of what 25% of the province.
I live at least a 100K from any meeting, so I dought I will be there but please keep up the good fight.
When they have to lie about things, They talk about jobs, and things it is a transfer of taxes to the people from business.
They have had a year, any company that can not prove it has spent the extra money it recieved should have it’s tax rate doubled.
Alcan should be kicked out of the province period.

Comment by barry belanger
2011-05-21 15:31:49

get out and vot people this for yourself, we simply cannott afford hst, no matters who trys to sugarcoat this,thank to mr vanderzalm and his volunteers forworking so hard on this project, you have my vote to get rid of hst barryb

Comment by Gloria
2011-05-21 17:34:34

Campbell and Hansen’s election lie, the HST wasn’t on their radar, along with their, very small provincial deficit election lie. Why are we being forced to go through with this? Campbell and Hansen lied and deceived the BC people, they should have both been kicked, out of office, right then. Then, we are forced to accept the opinion of, Hansen’s stacked HST panel. What a farce.

There were enough signatures of the stop HST petition, to choke ten elephants. All of the BC Liberals, are the worst, corrupt, evil politicians in Canadian history.

We also have to take the word of Elections BC, that were also caught being corrupt. Craig James is Campbell’s friend, and was also caught cheating. Even if we should, perhaps chance to win the referendum, Falcon won’t honor it anyway. This referendum, is just another one of Campbell and Hansen’s lying scams.

Comment by Herb Spencer
2011-05-21 18:10:30

Do not get caught up in BC Liberals’ HST vs. PST debate. This is the major diversionary tactic employed by these masters of deceit. The real reason that they wanted the HST is that the PST cannot deliver them enough tax revenue to plug the giant hole created by their ‘gift’ of $2 billion dollars per year to Big Business – the gang who funnel election cash to get their ‘team’ elected.

Keep emphasizing the massive tax-shift off the backs of Big Biz onto the backs of all the rest of the people in BC.

Remind everyone that the HST was Gordon Campbell’s idea (everyone hates him) & the BC Liberals are still pushing the HST as hard as ever.

Comment by Darlene McGinnis
2011-05-21 20:30:18

small business didn’t have to pay PST if they earned under a set amount ($30,000.00 I think) so they could use that tax money to enhace a business, now the have to pay HST on all purchases—sure cuts into the pocket book and forget improvements

Comment by Bob
2011-05-22 00:39:55

I just read TheTruthAboutTheHST put on by fightHST and which you can access on the internet. It is so much superior to the vague big business (Liberal) arguments. Each of us should get at least a half dozen friends to read it as well. It is extremely well organized – detailed if you include each of its references.

Comment by Fraser Doke
2011-05-23 18:14:07

I don’t like the HST cause I live a disability from ministry of Welfare.. My disability pension has not increased since 2003 but everything has increased.
From food to housing charge or even a newspaper etc have increased.. Now the HST is not good for low income people or people on disability, or seniors. If the HST is still around the govt of BC should increase the welfare rates and fund housing charges.
Fraser Doke

Comment by Bunnie McClure
2011-05-24 11:47:14

Interesting that James (Liberal’s ally) from Elections BC has worded the referendum so that the voters that are saying “NO” must vote “YES” … How many angry voters are going to mark their ballots incorrectly? We need to get the word out on this issue alone!

In a recent town hall phone meeting, Falcon was still stating that it wouldn’t cost more to buy a used house. I guess our government thinks that we are all professionals and don’t require home inspections and legal assistance etc …. although we all need to be “SOLD” on the merits of this wonderful tax. I don’t have swamp land, but am sure I could come up with something equally useless to sell.
Maintenance fees for Strata residence is another item they love to say is not taxed. This is also a deceptive statement … every service that Strata’s pay for (landscaping, painting, garbage, etc) is all taxable and has driven Strata fees upward.

Senior’s living alone on fixed incomes used to save on electricity, time and effort by purchasing a prepared meal at the deli in their food market. Now that same meal is taxed at 12%. This is not junk food, and it is this and other things that would cost more for seniors and disabled folks to prepare for one person at home.

One of my neighbors who has generously donated to a few registered charities will have to give less now. She has less because of the HST and she was actually taxed on her donation to two of the charities.

Perhaps we should reduce the salaries and benefits to our elected “public servants” … or better yet, let them swap finances with any of my neighbors for a few months .. time they had a reality check. These seniors have dutifully paid their way and are now being punished.

Women who stayed at home to raise responsible tax payers are often the hardest hit. They may have worked in later years as the children grew, but were never able to achieve the income levels that would provide them financial security in their retirement years.

Another little comment …. smart meter’s are also unfair to seniors. They don’t get to turn off their electicity during the day and go to an office. Many require additional heat as well, because they are on blood thinners.

Income Tax was a temporary tax, so was the GST. HST was 6% in Europe and is now as high as 25%. The maritime’s HST has just been increased to 15% and they have the highest unemployment in Canada. Our central provinces with no HST have the lowest unemployment rates.

The Liberal’s are selling us and our natural resources out. They changed their leader and may even change their name to avoid the stigma attached to this fiasco.

Spending almost a million on an HST pamphlet to be shreaded, offering $250,000 of 1.7 million to the NO side, then announcing another 5 million for the yes campaign … and yes … big business can spend all it wants to promote the HST and pressure employees to do the same.

Vote YES to say NO … get the word out!!!!!!!

Bunnie McClure

Comment by Linda
2011-05-24 12:14:00

I found a lot of humor, Harper was going to have the big gas company’s explain their rip off, of their outrageous prices. They are one of the huge company’s Harper gives millions of our tax dollars to.

Layton said, it is really Harper’s HST. Campbell works for Harper, they have a very close relationship. The purpose of the HST, was to give the money, to all of the large wealthy company’s, Campbell, Hansen and Harper work for. Harper and Campbell had worked on the Enbridge pipeline and the dirty oil tankers from China together. They are working on, drilling oil and gas wells off BC’s coast too.

The three, Campbell, Hansen and Harper, colluded on the BC HST, before the BC May election.

Do you not remember, Harper chastised the BC people for, forcing his partner in crime Campbell, to resign.

The HST referendum vote, has to pass through Craig James’ of Elections BC. He too was caught lying and cheating. He is a friend of Campbell’s. I think, the referendum, is another BC Liberal scam.

Comment by Mike
2011-05-24 12:31:46

Get a load of those ads on TV we are paying for. And to boot to have the likes of the smart tax alliance telling us how good the HST is for us. Great now we have the Liberals big businees buddies telling the taxpayers how great the HST is. Yeah great for who? Any Government who does not respect the will of its citizens needs to be removed from office. The sooner little Miss Smiley Face gets her ass in gear and calls an election the better off BC will be. She says she’s going to fix the HST yeah right she can’t do squat about it until July 1st 2012 so who in hell in BC is stupid enough to beleive her or any BC Liberal. They lost the trust, respect and their credibility with the citizens of this province long ago! So go ahead Ms. Clark fix the HST knock yourself out we don’t beleive you or any of your thugs so bring on the election! Boot time!

Comment by Robert
2011-05-26 08:46:12

This seems to be getting way off the topic of the HST and is becoming a slam the government forum. It does not help anyone who is looking for honest truthful information about the HST. Just from reading the angry comments on here I am tending to change my vote to keeping the HST. The GST has been good for the country as it replaced that horrible manufacturers tax that was hidden with something that is visible. I don’t hear logical arguments on here – just a lot of ranting.

Comment by Oil and Gas Watch
2011-05-26 09:00:39

I thought Blair Lekstrom was against the HST and that is why he left Parliament ( ya I know he will tell his constituents ” I never said that”) Now he is going around promoting it? What side of the fence are you on Blair? You should be legislating the 12% tax be applied to the Dirty Shale Gas being extracted off our land by the Oil and Gas companies who are making billions off OUR (BC Residence) resources and your govt. is letting them steal it. : ~

Comment by Julie
2011-05-26 10:36:00

Campbell and Craig James are the masters of dirty tactics. Don’t expect anything different from James, he is every bit the low life that Campbell is.

James idiotic wording on the referendum, is deliberately twisted, to confuse the people. Just remember all of the dirty tactics he and Campbell worked together on.

Campbell and James are also best friends. So, you know what that means. Watch your backs for dirty tricks.

We don’t believe Christy won the vote honestly, to replace Campbell. Nor did she win the by-election in Point Grey.

Christy isn’t exactly lily white herself. She lies and cheats to win elections, just as Campbell did. Harper, Campbell, Hansen and Christy, are all cut from the same mold. The Liberal ministers and mla’s, are total sheep, just being herded along.

Comment by Donna
2011-05-29 18:02:44

BC did finally beat out Quebec, for the most corrupt province in Canada. The BC Liberals did win the most and worst corrupt politicians in Canadian history, so far. I doubt the BC Liberals record, will ever be, beat out. Well, perhaps the Conservative party could. Campbell does work for Harper. It’s hard to see where, the BC Liberal government starts and the BC Conservative party ends. I do believe, Christy has a Conservative strategist working for her.

It’s in your face obvious, the HST is the worst tax, ever known in this country. All of the HST provinces have done very badly.

The people in these provinces, are not left with enough money to live on. In BC people had to cut down on heat and power, to try and keep their heads above water. The utility company’s are squealing, because their revenue’s are down. Well, that’s the only way we can cut down, is on utilities and food.

The BC people have the most and worst number of taxes. BC people work 8 months out of the year for the Federal and Provincial governments, in direct and indirect taxes.

BC has a, high cost of living. Price gouging is blatant in BC. Of course, the big business people, paid Campbell big bucks, to fight to keep the HST. So, i doubt if the BC Liberals would put a stop to the wealthy company’s thieving from the BC people.

We can always tell, when spring has sprung in BC. Gasoline prices are really gouged, just in time for the May long weekend. The gas prices usually go up again, in time for summer vacations as well.

My, my, is Christy’s families first, is one a whopper of a lie, is it not? We have to cut down on, hydro, heat and food, to make ends meet. Sure Christy, stick it to the family’s, make sure the asinine HST stays.

Comment by Herb Spencer
2011-06-03 14:20:31

The puppet-masters behind the scenes (like Gwyn Morgan) told Campbell to go, because getting this giant tax grab for BIG business is more important to them than any one of their political stooges. So, now we have Princess Chrissie pushing a future “revised” version.

What a nerve; she is just “Campbell in a skirt, with a smile”. Same gang, just better advertising.

Incidentally, the BC Liberals’ latest “predicted” new job creation due to the HST (down from Mintz’s ludicrous 130,000) is 24,000 but that’s over the next 10 years. So that’s 2,400 jobs per year in a province with 2.4 million workers – an annual one in a thousand (1/1000) increase – quite pathetic.

Comment by Carole
2011-06-03 18:21:17

Why do Christy and her gang of liars, insist the HST is good for us. Mr. Mikes and The Pantry restaurants are closing their doors, because of the HST.

Thousands of family’s run out of money, before their next payday. All the HST has done, is put the cost of living so high, family’s children are doing without. In Save On Foods, one chicken was priced at, $15.69, outrageous. That isn’t putting family’s first Christy. A low income family, just can’t afford the outrageous price gouging in BC.

The price of gasoline, isn’t putting family’s first either. Another price gouge. House insurance going up $165.00, doesn’t help family’s, what-so-ever. You are not taking care of your people Christy. We can’t afford this.

Look at the big picture Christy. Not only do we have to contend with the asinine HST, but, all of the high costs of living as well. When our hydro goes up 53%, what then Christy?

There is no way, we can think of you, as a caretaker for the people nor the province. Instead of helping us, you are harming us, very, very, badly.

Comment by Joe
2011-06-06 10:15:31

ALL THE HST is; Is a tax grab from the average working people and the seniors and potentialy makes us all beggers to Otawa just like the GST that was promised to go away,but never did.

Comment by Opus
2011-06-09 16:54:19

I am hearing a lot of people being confused as to how to vote. They are thinking that voting “no” means getting rid of the HST. This is done on purpose to confuse the voters and that is what the Liberals are banking on.

FightHST has to make it clear that we must vote “yes” to get rid of the HST.

Comment by Ed
2011-06-10 12:50:39

A large number of voters in Metro Vancouver and BC do not have English as a first language. Their English is VERY basic. They understand the word NO to refer to something they DO NOT want and the word YES to refer to something they DO want.
I recently got the pamphlet from Elections BC stating the Referendum Question and was shocked to find that “NO” means YES to keeping the HST. The pamphlet makes a pretense at objectivity by appearing to include all positions on the question but significantly FAILS to include the simple clarification that NO in effect means YES to the HST.
It’s quite clear that there is a single issue under consideration for the general public – the HST – keep it or not. The previous tax regimen – GST & PST are non-issues. They represent the status quo ante, of which voters are already well aware. Voters should be given a clear question, up or down, simply on the HST. Elections BC is seen in some quarters as colluding with the Government and even conniving with them to obfuscate the issue and confuse the voters. To preserve at least an APPEARANCE of fairness and objectivity, Elections BC could have issued a clarifying statement reminding all sides that a “NO” vote means YES to keeping the HST while a “YES” vote means NO to keeping it. They apparently chose not to do so. A charitable characterization of Elections BC’S role in framing this referendum question would be DISINGENUOUS. A less charitable one would be DOWNRIGHT DISHONEST.

Comment by Setar
2011-06-11 00:02:19

Carole: “Look at the big picture Christy.”

The only big picture Christy Clark looks at is that painted for her by Stephen Harper and his buddies at the Fraser Institute, “Fair Tax Alliance Society”, et al.

She and her supporters speak of how open they are to the debate, yet Clark did not show up for the all-candidates’ forum in her riding and did not answer Opposition questions on the referendum procedure, or the actions of the BC Liberals in proposing to lower the HST (thus buying votes), in the Legislature; instead, she and Kevin Falcon simply blew the “12 percent tax” dog-whistle repeatedly. Outside of the Legislature, HST proponents are entirely closed to debate — while FightHST has these comments, HST in BC keeps its ‘public participation’ to telephone town halls (THAT YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR) and online surveys that one has to be invited to, without a place for people to comment on or discuss the implications of the proposal.

I’ve written two blog posts on the issue so far, and I must say this: this is not a referendum on a tax. This is a referendum on the conduct of Gordon Campbell, Kevin Falcon, Christy Clark, and the rest of the BC “Liberal” Party. This is a referendum on bread and circuses, on buying votes, on unchecked and unmonitored campaign spending; it is a referendum on whether we want to have adult discussion in the Legislature (if nowhere else, given what now passes for journalism in our mainstream media — CBC included) or let it regress to the political obstructionism, dog-whistles, slogans and fear-mongering that prevail in the United States.

Comment by minnie
2011-06-13 12:20:51

Does the anti-HST group have any way of scrutinizing the vote? Don’t blame me for not trusting the government. What I see is a few polls showing how the vote is getting really close and then, boom, when the voting is all said and done, the government surprisingly wins one for their side. Who is to say they don’t just throw the whole bunch of ballots out and make up some results? How do I know if my vote is counted?

Comment by Chris
2011-06-18 18:35:57

I just received a hang up from . 1-604-998-4689 in Kelowna. I looked it up on the internet. and found this site:

Seems many people are getting annoying calls from them about the HST, sounding pro-HST.
I called back, got a message machine. It is out of Ontario.

Reading the company’s site sounds like the government hired them, probably indirectly of course. They talk about Brand Imaging etc, very corporate. I doubt the HST ‘pro-choice’ people would approach it that way. Particularly the name ‘Campaign Research’, I would say ‘duh’, government. Seeing the mail out propaganda and the ads on the radio I have heard that claims to be fair and balanced, it sounds like the Government is scared. Have heard they are even trying to drop the HST rate to sell it. Of course they can raise it a year down the road when they have ‘beaten’ the referendum. This doesn’t fix anything either. This is time to start speaking what we want peacefully and firmly.

Although, I believe I trust Elections BC, where do the ‘people’ behind the HST stop manipulating the system, spending our money, and manipulating you and me.

Comment by BONN
2011-06-20 03:05:02

Let’s pray real hard that the HST is scraped. The real question will be whether all the new places the government has found to put a HST onto that were not taxed before, will these be returned to no tax? HElp?

Comment by Jim
2011-07-08 19:28:34

We are 4 in our household and only 3 have received the HST referendum ballots. I sure hope that the bc liberals and the federal government are not sabotaging the delivery of ballots. Where do go and what do I do to ensure that my vote counts ?

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