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If you contacted Elections BC to send you a Referendum Package, feel free to tell us about your positive or negative experience via the comments. Also contact us immediately by clicking on this link and completing the contact form: if-you-have-not-received-your-hst-referendum-ballot-contact-fighthst-immediately/

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Comment by Ilia
2011-07-28 08:28:34

It is unfortunate that we havent received the HST vote package. We had been informed that we cannot pick up the vote package even it should be mailed before August 5/2011
Today July 28/2011

Our vote is very strong YES to get read of BC coruption

Comment by Greg Sullivan
2011-07-28 09:26:26

I did not receive my hst referendum voting package even though my spouse did. When I called, they said they sent it to my old address , I moved since the last election which I voted in., so they should have it, now they tell me it’s too late.
Greg Sullivan

Comment by e. morello
2011-07-28 10:57:58

I phoned immediately after my husband received his ballot and I did not todate, I still have not received my ballot and feel robbed of my opportunity to vote. Further, I wasted my time by calling elections BC who seem that they could not see their way clear to send out my ballot. This is a FARCE!!!!!!

Comment by Margaret Shigetomi
2011-07-28 15:08:37

I couldn’t get through via phone calls to request my ballot …. so I sent an email pleading for a ballot.

Someone called me back and after 2 minutes she said it is on the way! Very pleased!

Well that was 8 business days ago… NO ballot

Comment by Kathryn
2011-07-28 15:17:24

I called Elections BC July 11 to request a replacement ballot as I did not get one, although my husband and neighbours did. Didn’t receive the replacement ballot. Called again on Monday July 25 to check. No ballot delivered this week. Called my MLA – Ian Black, long call to Elections BC – if you didn’t get the mailed ballot you can’t vote.
They all say – call Canada Post – really??!!!
What about an electoral officer to provide voters with ballots who want to vote – surely there has to be a way to vote. Otherwise I say this election is illegal and non-democratic. What is this – 3rd world banana republic – come on people!!

Comment by Alanna Hulko
2011-07-28 18:04:35

I have been trying unsuccessfully to get my ballot for a month and a half, I too voted in the last election and they had sent my package to the old address also, not once but twice even after I updated it with them again.

I think the RCMP needs to investigate Elections BC for corruption and Election fraud.

I am a strong yes vote that cannot be heard. All of us need to attend in person Elections BC and demand our legal right to vote be protected.

Comment by Carrie
2011-07-28 18:14:26

I’m really surprised how many people didn’t get their ballots. I suspect this will be the excuse the Liberals give for not accepting the results of the current referendum and putting it off for another year or so.

Comment by Natasha
2011-07-29 00:12:41

Still don’t have my HST package. I phoned elections BC 3 times during the month of July and was told “it’s in the mail”. Well, it’s not in the mail! My brother also never recieved his was told the same thing. “It’s in the mail” This whole mail in voting process is obviously flawed.

Comment by Lynne Konstandien
2011-07-29 09:05:59

I called BC Elections on July 11th to let them know I had not received my pakage. I was told that it went to my old address. There were 3 of us that lived at that old address, myself, my husband and my father in law. We all put in change of addresses at the same time. Both my husband and my father in law received their packages. I was told I’d receive another referendum ballot in two weeks.

So here I sit today, still without my package, I’m leaving for Calgary in 4 hours and will not be back until after the August 5th deadline. I am truly annoyed, and I’d like you to know that I would have definitely voted YES

Comment by G.J.W.
2011-07-30 17:52:37

My ballot was missing the yes envelope. I asked for a new ballot. None was forthcoming. My vote was, a certain yes.

There are just too many errors, to believe these were innocent mistakes. What’s with Craig James of Elections BC, hiding the ballots in a secret warehouse.

I am totally against this method of voting. I didn’t like this, right from day one. I also don’t believe, Campbell would have agreed to a referendum, unless the vote could be cheated. I absolutely do not trust Craig James, Christy, Falcon, nor any of the BC Liberals. They have been proven liars and cheaters, far too many times.

Comment by Robert Billy SR
2011-08-02 10:34:00

I belive that this is the most outrages way to vote ;This goverment should be put out of office ‘Its against all peoplels rights under the constition of peoples rights, these people are just using this mailin vote and say that if you diden,t recive your package ,its not there fault just the way things fall. In order to say the people have acceptted the HSt’So I say to this corrupt Goverment which play games with our money ‘Is to get these people out of this situation which is making Bc people poorer with all of these Taxes. there seems to be no end . and stay away from Free trade

Comment by Sharon Tsui
2011-08-04 02:03:41

On the right-side of the certification envelope, it says ‘voters who are physically unable to sign the declaration’ may ask an individual of choice for assistance to complete the certification and sign on their behalf. Could you ask someone to complete it for you?

Comment by Jeffrey Pare
2011-08-05 00:08:38

I hope that the anti hst comittee applies for a invalid vote considering that it seems that alot of BCer’s have not recieved a ballot how is this to be a fair vote. it seems that only certain voters recieved a ballot, I am protesting and am calling on every-one to send an email/letter to there MLA ststing there distrust on the referendum regarding the HST
If Christy Clark really cares about our right to have a fair vote she should make the voting process a more valid procedure.
If you do not recieve a ballot during our elections, they allow you to provide valid ID and you can vote, but not allowing me to go and vote because I did not recieve a ballot and wanted to have a say

Comment by S.U.
2011-08-05 08:24:36

We have 2 boys who turned 18 in May. They were very excited to be able to start voting on something. Both of them called in 3 weeks ago to Elections BC – neither have received ballots yet. Very disappointing!

Comment by Kristin
2011-08-05 09:42:30

The very same thing happened to me… I have voted since my last move, they should have my new address, yet I haven’t received my package.

Comment by Margaret Sian
2011-08-05 11:40:10

The way this whole thing has been ruin is a big joke. I have been here over 1 1/2 years, the only package that had come in was under the former homeowner. I called Elections Canada on July 5, 2011 to inquire only to find that I hadn’t received one because I’d only registered for the last election. I was then registered over the phone and told that a package will be sent out immediately.

Despite follow up phone call attempts and emails no one from Elections Canada bothered to respond. Another call was placed to Elections Canada early this week. They confirmed that a package was sent out to my home address and said that it’s too bad because had they known “one day” earlier they would have expressed a package. Today is the closing date and appears that the results will appear without my input. After 1 month I wonder where my package is and whether missing ballots are sitting in some warehouse!

I can’t help wondering what percentage of eligible BC voters were unable to also cast a ballot. Elections BC, I’m so disappointed in you!!!

Comment by Renate Kals
2011-08-07 11:48:23

Too many people did not receive their ballots.

Comment by Annette Lagasse
2011-08-08 07:03:39

Add me to the list of people who did NOT get a ballot. I called 4 times asking where my ballot was, and never got it. Clearly this manor of election is severely flawed, so how can we trust the results? And I want to know how many people did not get ballots.
Then I go on to Facebook and read about one woman who got 4 ballots! Maybe she got mine..

Because of someone’s incompetence and clear inability to run a fair election, I have been stripped of my democratic right to vote. How can this happen here in Canada??? I’m outraged!

Comment by Mike
2011-08-09 10:04:39

This is without a doubt just another dirty tactic cooked up by the Liberals and Elections BC. Its a bloody disgrace and an attack on our democracy! When Clark calls an election VOTE YES TO EXTINGUISH THE BC LIBERAL PARTY!

Comment by L.Smith
2011-08-10 11:19:57

Count me amongst those who never received a ballet form.

I have lived at the same address for many years, voted etc., so there should be no problem with knowing where to send stuff to me.

I tried several times to call them, but was on hold forever- no one ever picked up. I only have a cell phone, so thanks for also wasting my $$$ minutes!

Comment by Max Headroom
2011-08-11 14:43:33

I am not surprised at how many people didn’t get their ballots.

They were simply never mailed out to them in the first place.

And the part that sucks is there is no way for us the people to verify if Elections BC actually mailed out ballots to every registered voter.

We already know how corrupted Elections BC is and how the Chief is owned by the Liberal party, so why on earth would we ever trust them with a mail in ballot?

Comment by Joe
2011-08-11 18:20:22

I recieved an hst package and my wife did not. I’m happy to have voted yes to scrap the hst. Unfortunately my wife’s yes vote, will not be counted.

Comment by tashauna knutson
2011-08-11 22:36:08

Very disapointing system we have. I too never received a ballot. MAny people that I know were also unable to vote for the same reason. Seems fishy/corrupt to me. I will not be able to respect any results coming from this refrendum…

Comment by matt
2011-08-12 05:27:30

class action law suit against james craig and elrctions canada and cristy clark, this srrms to be another crooked attempt, to hijack the election.

Comment by Zackre
2011-08-12 15:25:35

I have just received your thank you email and if it were not for Messrs VanderZalm, Delaney,Vetro et al….with your leadership and guidance,we may not have been aware of how to fight for our rights.

The fight IS NOT OVER and we must still remain strong and undivided to see that our rights are reinstated…with all the things this government is trying to pull under the leadership of Ms. Clark (not my premier, I did not vote for her)!

Comment by Dorothy Simpson
2011-08-26 17:38:47

Well, the results are in and despite the best efforts of big business and elections BC we squeaked through. But note, we SQUEAKED through this time.
But we need to pay attention now to the next steps the government of BC takes. They will be much smarter the next time. How come it took a month from announcement to implementation of the HST and it will take 18 months to undo it?
We also need to watch our sales slips to be sure everything was put back to pre-referendum days.
For now, Hurrah for Democracy.

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