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Mayor Jordan Sturdy admits to removing sign from public property

PEMBERTON – (Wednesday, July 13, 2011) – In a stunning revelation today Fight HST organizers learned that Pemberton Mayor Jordan Sturdy stole a Fight HST lawn sign from public property.

Fight HST organizer for the Sea to Sky corridor, Kelly Carson, was notified of the theft by an undisclosed source who witnessed the mayor driving up, removing the sign and taking it into his vehicle. Carson immediately contacted Sturdy, who admitted to taking the sign.

“I couldn’t believe that a person of his standing, who knows the law and has been involved in previous elections, would lower himself to such a level. We’ve had numerous signs vandalized and stolen, but to see a person of such high standing in the community do such a despicable thing just sickens me,” said Carson.

Carson says Mayor Sturdy told her he removed the sign because although it was on public property, it was close to his home and he didn’t want anyone thinking he opposed the HST. He told Carson he didn’t want to be associated with people opposed to the HST.

“This also demonstrates how close the mayor is with the government. He’s marginalizing the very people who voted for him. I’m sure he didn’t mind being associated with people who oppose the HST during his election. I thought municipal politicians were supposed to represent all the people regardless of their political views,” said Carson.

Carson says she has reported the incident to the RCMP detachment for Squamish, and has requested that charges be laid.

“Mayor Sturdy has admitted to the theft. He has admitted to committing mischief with our signs. Both of those actions are prohibited by the Criminal Code of Canada. We want the RCMP to hold this man to account so that the public can know about his distasteful actions, and to serve as a warning to others who think they can vandalize and steal referendum signs with impunity,” concluded Carson.

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Comment by Denis
2011-07-14 07:27:14

Maybe the Mayor saw the Reaside cartoon of yesterday. A NO HST Fellow had a ton of signs on his law saying Vote yes. His better half was reminding him to put his ballot in the proper range of envelopes so no one would know how he was voting. Or maybe the Mayor didn’t think he would get caught removing a sign legally placed. Now at least the locals know what sort of a guy they elected as mayor, and will deal with him properly next election.

Comment by Wendy
2011-07-14 09:16:28

Below is a copy of a letter I sent to the Mayor of Pemberton.

Everyone should send him an email.

Hello Mr. Mayor,

I am sending this email because I cannot believe you, the Mayor of Pemberton, would actually steal (and admit it) one of the anti-HST signs placed on public property. Your excuse – it was too close to your home and you didn’t want people thinking you opposed the HST and you didn’t want to be associated with people who opposed the HST. I hope your constituents remember this the next time there is an election in Pemberton.

Would you think it was OK for someone to steal one of your signs during your election campaign? I think not.

I am so disgusted with people like you. The pro HST campaign has been so deceitful and such a waste of taxpayer dollars. It only proves to me that you, the Liberals and the Smart Tax Alliance, will stop at nothing to win.

The HST is a bad tax at a bad time and hurts the very people who cannot afford another 7% added to goods and services that were previously PST exempt.

It is obvious big business are the BIG winners with the HST. They are spending millions to save billions. As a senior on a fixed income, I find it offensive that people like you think I should subsidize them!

I hope the RCMP charge you with theft. You should be ashamed.

Comment by Rod Hebner
2011-07-14 09:24:30

There is a lot wrong with the way politicians behave on all levels of government but then when there is no accountability, there won’t be any improvements. There are several levels of government in Canada and several levels when it comes to law enforcement and those who are applicable to each level. It was clear, on the Federal level, that all things can be done regardless of contempt, misappropriation of public funds or who gets caught.
The stealing of signs will provide a fine or probation at the very worst but more likely a warning will be about as much as the public could expect. The levels of crime has more to do with which level the offender is subject to as this is Canada and there are plenty of examples to show how the laws are applied but justice has little, if anything to do with it. Doubt me ? Have a look at these RCMP infractions and then ask yourself how they accounted for their actions and how would the average Canadian be held accountable ? Check and decide for yourselves ..

Comment by Julie
2011-07-14 11:07:36

With BC’s two tiered judicial system, I doubt Mayor Sturdy will be charged. Even if he is, the judge will let him off. Same as Kash Heed, Thornthwaite, Les and a whole host of other, BC Liberal crimes.

Had any of us, ever stolen or vandalized the BC Liberal signs, we certainly would be charged.

Crime in BC absolutely pays. Harper rewarded Campbell by giving him, the high commissioner appointment in England.

Only thing is, Campbell will be assisting England to acquire their share of, the Alberta dirty tar sands oil.

The Brits had a demonstration, against the dirty oil being used in England. They will not welcome Campbell. The British citizens, don’t accept the crap, the Canadians do.

In England, Mayor Sturdy would’ve had to run for his life. In BC, the premier will reward Mayor Sturdy.

Comment by Mike
2011-07-14 12:56:45

Mayor Sturdy will get what’s coming to him in the election in November. That’s the only way to deal with these kind of people and the only thing they will understand.

Comment by Rose
2011-07-14 14:40:49

He better be prosecuted the same way any of us would be.. This is just ridiculous…

Comment by Gloria
2011-07-17 11:01:17

I really doubt Mayor Sturdy, will pay for what he has done.

Jane Thorthwaite was let off her DUI crime. Hash Heed is back, stolen money matters not. The theft of the BCR and our rivers. This is just a drop in the bucket.

Special prosecutor’s are usually all it takes, for the BC Liberals to get away with their treachery and thefts. Our tax dollars were thieved to pay, Basi and Virks legal fees. Campbell’s theft and corrupt sale of the BCR trial, was a total asinine farce.

I’m sure a special prosecutor, can be found for Mayor Sturdy.

Comment by Darcy
2011-07-19 19:46:18

Yes, this comment is EXACTLY correct – he did it because he didn’t think he would be caught – this is not a kid, don’t forget. And now you will see what the consequences are to being caught and admitting to it. Nothing.

Comment by Kelly Carson
2011-07-20 18:29:50

Well, even thought the Mayor has admitted on CTV news that he took the sign and that he did wrong and that he was sorry and he would take what ever penalty is put before him…. the pemberton RCMP say that there is lack of evidence to press charges..

I call SHAME to the Pemberton RCMP… I suggest you call or write to the Pemberton RCMP and voice your concerns of the investigation…..

He was handed on a silver platter…… and they just let him off Scott free….

This sets the precedent for anyone to steel our signs…. nothing happens to you if you are a thief in BC!!!

BC needs their own Police Force…Fire the RCMP NOW!!!

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