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The BC Liberal/Smart Tax Alliance Top Seven HST Myths


The BC Liberal “myths” about the HST just keep piling up.

We don’t have the budget to fight the lies, we need your help.  Keep the message going by forwarding this link to all the people you know and ask them to do the same.

Following is their latest Top Seven – all new and misleading as ever – HST Myths:

1. The HST is now 10% – False
The HST is 12% and will not be 10% for three years – if ever. There will be an election before that, and even if the HST were to miraculously drop to 10% – it will still apply to hundreds more goods and services than a 12% PST/GST for a consumer tax increase of $1.6B per year.  And who says it won’t go right back up again later?

2. The HST will lower taxes – False
This one is hilarious. The HST increases taxes for British Columbians by $2.8 Billion per year. That’s an average annual increase of $500 per person – or $1208 per average family – forever. Finance Minister Falcon says if his side loses he may disregard the result and expand the PST to items previously exempt – and that’s illegal.  Do you really trust this guy to cut the rate if he wins?

3. The HST will save you money – False
And the tooth fairy is going to leave you a quarter under your pillow too. To get their numbers to show the HST actually “saving” you money they are calculating only “routine purchases” and that 90% of what you pay in HST will be passed back to you in lower prices. Have you seen lower prices?… We didn’t think so.

4. The HST benefits seniors – False
Seniors and people on fixed incomes are some of the hardest hit by the HST. A one time rebate of $175 if you vote in favour of their tax in exchange for paying it for the next 10-30 years of your retirement is a deal only a snake oil salesman would offer. Why take $175 when you can vote to cancel the HST and keep all your money? How dumb do they think we are?

5. The HST benefits families – False
Next to seniors, working families are hardest hit by the HST because they are among the largest consumers and have dependent children. Bribes of $175 per child when your cost is closer to $400 a year each makes you wonder if they think all of us failed math as badly as they did. And what about a single mom with two kids going to college? She gets nothing while the Premier and Finance Minister who earn big six figure salaries get the rebate. Nice.

6. Business will pay more so you can pay less – False
A temporary increase of 2% in corporate taxes will be passed on to consumers with increased prices. Either way you pay the final bill whether it’s in HST or higher prices.

7. We will owe $1.6 Billion if we cancel the HST – False
The “Independent Panel” says the HST generated $850 million more than budgeted. Setting aside that is the biggest tax grab in history, it means government already has $850 million to repay Ottawa. BC has only received $1B, and Ottawa collected $300M more in corporate taxes under the HST than under the PST. So it’s a wash.  And keeping the HST would cost British Columbians alot more than killing it – over $28 Billion in new taxes in just 10 years.
Vote YES to extinguish the HST and save your province, your democracy, and your money!

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Comment by Denis
2011-06-22 07:36:33

There are liars, and really big liars and they are spending our money to spread those lies. WE have to beat those who think only of themselves, the BC Liberals and their supporting cast

Comment by Gloria
2011-06-22 10:07:17

Christy Clark is thieving our tax dollars, to pay for her asinine TV stick man ads. Everyone I know, is laughing at them. We have a bet on, just how low Christy is willing to stoop.

Christy and Falcon are Campbell clones. Their threats to the citizens, are the most disgraceful words, I have ever heard from, any other politicians big mouth, except Hitler’s.

They even have the gall, to blame the citizens, for the big hole in the budget. We remember, Campbell and Hansen’s election lie, the HST wasn’t on their radar. Hansen had to admit, that is was on, his, Campbell and Harper’s radar, before the BC election. The HST was FORCED on the BC people, even after we said NO.

Campbell wouldn’t even allow a full debate, in the Legislature. So, cut the crap, you BC Liberals. You put the hole in the budget blame, where the sun doesn’t shine. This HST was a scam to benefit business. You put the G.D. hole in the budget blame, where it belongs. Right on the BC Liberals and Harper.

Comment by Mike
2011-06-22 10:19:38

Amazing how desperate this Government and its allies have become to stop at nothing to try and save this stupid tax. The ads running on TV and radio are completely misleading. One would think watching them that the HST has just been reduced to 10% when truth is it does not drop to that figure until 2014. The Liberals have proven they cannot be trusted and this tax and the Liberals both must be tossed as accountability trust are sorely lacking. Kevin Falcon is nothing more than a blow hard carbon copy of Campbell and his days in Government no doubt are numbered. The continual fear mongering by Clark and Company is just hot air and should be completely disregarded by the voting public just as she and her corrupt bunch have shown nothing but contempt and disregard of the citizens of BC. We need to take control of BC again and get rid of Clark and the HST and it cannot come soon enough! REMEMBER VOTE YES TO KILL THE HST!

Comment by HD
2011-06-24 09:41:14

Has it occurred to you guys that the postal worker strike will likely negatively impact the referendum. I still haven’t received my referendum mail, and then if you do drop it in the postal box–when will it be delivered. The opposition is holding up the back-to-work legislation. Seems the forces are against us–is this a coincidence?

Comment by BAP
2011-06-25 17:49:51

I hope there is a provision in the law on this regard. I think the referendum period should be extended the same number of days than the number of days that the post service is unavailable to handle referendums.

Comment by Eugenia
2011-06-26 21:59:42

Every time when I heard or watch the Liberal’s HST ad. I will be very mad because they flat out lied. They are saying 10% tax as if it is here already, they do not say it’s three years away. they are not tell people that we have to pay tax on everything which were exempted before the damn HST. HST has to go so does the BE Liberal.

Comment by Eugenia
2011-06-26 22:03:04

Do you think the Liberals would to this. They just try to make it as difficult as can be for us to vote “Yes” as majority.

Comment by salman mahfuz
2011-06-28 06:13:27

I hate HST and tired of paying this.I really want to extinguish the HST immediately.Thanks for your consideration.

Comment by alison
2011-06-28 11:13:33

I still haven’t gotten my ballot and have moved in the past few days. I don’t know who to contact to receive my ballot. I feels like it is set up to prevent people from voting. Any suggestions?

Comment by alison
2011-06-28 11:21:41

I haven’t received my ballot and had to move on the weekend. Does this mean I will be unable to vote? Have looked on the internet and not finding any helpful information on how to get my ballot and exercise my right to vote. Suggestions appreciated.

Comment by Cindy
2011-06-29 16:42:11

I would send it by priority post, and get a tracking number.

Comment by Carole Walker
2011-07-04 11:30:59

I was lead Captain for Port Alberni etc etc. Had petitions in stores that were owner operated. One such store lost customers because of the HST. However, she isn’t suffering anymore as she pockets approx $600 per month which is not passed on to the customers and has not been used to hire more staff. She has since changed her mind and now supports the HST as she is making money at it. One has to wonder just how many other owner operated business are following suit. Believe me, we the consumer will continue to pay. We now have had a 2cent per litre increase in gas. We are being taxed to death. As a nation, we should all revolt and do what they are doing in Europe and other contries. The government is petrified that eventually we will do that. And I am a senior citizen prepared to go down with a fight.

Comment by S. evans
2011-07-04 22:04:00

Message for alison…

You need to contact elections BC to inform them of your situation. I’m sure that you can make arrangements to have a new ballot sent to your new residence.

Here is the link….

Good luck

Comment by Cris
2011-07-06 13:08:23

The provincial government has been flooding the airwaves with ads claiming that the reduction of HST from 12% to 10% will result in an effective reduction of 2% in sales taxes. What they do not say is that the effective reduction is dependent on the mix of Goods & Service that we pay for. If the mix is 100% all subject to PST&GST, then their claim is true. However, this is not the case. I did a simple calculation which showed that 71% of the mix is subject to both PST&GST, the 2% reduction is wiped out.

I don’t know if the Provincial Government does not see this or if they are deliberately making the false representation about the benefit of lowering the HST to 10%.

Comment by Carol
2011-07-06 19:50:07

will all products that were Pst exempt before the hst, revert back to being pst exempt if the hst is defeated?

Comment by Casey
2011-07-07 19:26:46

The vote is to restore the prior PST act so initially PST exemptions would mirror the past exemptions. That being said if overall tax revenues decrease the government will need to cover this shortfall in some manor. One method that they have indicated is to remove some of the prior exemptions.

Comment by gordon robillard
2011-07-08 08:03:35

lying is an addiction

if they lied to us in the past
they are lying now.
where was our democracy when campbell shoved hst down our out hst and vote out lying libs.

Comment by gordon robillard
2011-07-08 08:06:31

lying libs need to go

they are stealing our rights to a democratic life style

Comment by Bryan Boughton
2011-07-09 13:32:45

According to your figures the HST has already pulled $850.M out of the BC economy!
Some people say the HST benefits small business. Why should seniors and families pay $$ to subsidize ANY business—large or small.

Comment by Bob Poulin
2011-07-22 00:51:16

Wake up people the liberals are the comy-socialists that have stripped us of our right to have arms in this country and have proven on both the federal level(Canada Flag Scam in Quebec)and now in BC that the slimy redcoats they are will see us pennyless too if they can. They are lyers and proud
of it they have have no shame or mercy why do you think they even gave this country a red flag to mark their endevours
get the HST and the liberal pigs out of here before it is death to our economy and to us all.

Comment by Bob Poulin
2011-07-22 01:09:41

Well maybe there is hope for this nation when atleast one senoir citizen is prepared to revolt because I will surely be right in front of her and that makes two that will try to restore sanity to this demon-ocrasy not democrasy and no government ever has or will be able to survive a civil revolt and it don’t take blood and guts JUST SIMPLY STOP PLAYING THERE GAME and there hooped. That is why the government is petrified that eventually many will figure that out.


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