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Top 10 BC Liberal Myths about the #HST


Top 10 BC Liberal Myths about the HST:

MYTH #1 – The HST legislation cannot be undone

FALSE: Page 11, Section 42 of the Comprehensive Integrated Tax Coordination Agreement (CITCA) that BC signed with Ottawa to create the HST says: “The terms and conditions of this Agreement will continue in full force and effect, in accordance with and subject to the provisions of this Part, until the date that is specified by a Party in written notice that is delivered to the other Party setting out the Party’s desire to terminate this Agreement.”

Other provinces have adopted and later repealed the HST. Saskatchewan adopted the HST back in 1989, and two years later, after an election, the HST was repealed by the new government.

MYTH #2 – The HST is a streamlined, more efficient tax

FALSE: The CITCA has 16 pages of formula definitions that require mathematical experts to compute how the tax sharing is to be calculated, with formulas such as:

There are hundreds of other formulas like this outlined in the revenue sharing agreement.

A simple modification of the PST to provide input tax credits to business, with a reduction to 3 or 4% to compensate for the expanded tax base would be a win-win-win: Truly revenue neutral for government, business wouldn’t pay, and it would be virtually the same cost for consumers as the current PST at 7%. BC could also collect the federal government portion, as Quebec does, to create a single tax form while maintaining provincial control of taxation.

MYTH # 3 – BC must adopt the HST to compete with Ontario

FALSE: BC’s closest trading partners are Alberta, the United States, and Asia, where there is no HST. Ontario is primarily a manufacturing province, whereas BC is a resource based province which does not directly compete with Ontario for the same goods and services.

MYTH # 4 – HST rebates will offset the extra costs to seniors

FALSE: Current rebates for GST are applied as a % of the tax. The HST rebates will also be applied as a % of the tax, but with a much larger gross tax amount (12% on HST vs. 5% on GST) it means a greater portion of senior’s incomes and pensions will be required to pay the difference between the rebates and the larger amount of overall tax paid. If you are a senior requiring home care or outside care, it will be even higher.

MYTH #5 – HST does not apply to new home construction under $520K

FALSE: All new home construction has HST applied, with some partial rebates to off-set the extra tax up to $520K, where the full HST is then applied. For example: A new home or apartment costing $300K will have an extra $6,000 of HST applied to the purchase price – approximately the cost of purchasing new appliances or furniture for that same home.

MYTH #6 – HST will not affect rents/strata fees

FALSE: Although HST will not be directly applied to home rents or strata fees, apartment buildings and home owners who rent to others will have to pay an extra 7% on all goods and services required to upkeep, maintain, renovate and manage the buildings they rent out. These ‘hidden HST costs’ will have to be applied to rents, and consumers will pay again.

MYTH #7 – HST is a federal decision

FALSE: The federal government has said adoption of the HST is a provincial decision, and the provincial government has said it is a federal initiative. While both of them are punting that political football around, British Columbians are only being kicked in the head. The truth is, according to Section 92 of the Constitution Act 1867, provincial taxes are the exclusive jurisdiction of the provincial legislature. To change that requires a constitutional amendment, so both governments are at fault for not obeying the laws they themselves made.

MYTH #8 – HST will create jobs

FALSE: Small business is the largest generator of jobs in British Columbia, employing nearly 8 in 10 British Columbians. Almost every small business, from restaurant owners, to construction companies, to tourist businesses, to retailers have said the HST will cost them business, forcing them to lay off staff. One home builder in Squamish recently cancelled an $18M housing development, laying off 100 workers directly due to the HST.

The big resource companies will not hire new workers because of a refund cheque from the government. They will expand and create jobs when the world demand for forest products, oil and gas, or minerals increases. In the north and along the Alberta border, where business must compete directly with a 5% GST, it will kill business and destroy jobs by the thousands. The restaurant industry estimates it will lose over $400M in revenues per year, and result in thousands of layoffs.

MYTH #9 – HST will lower prices

FALSE: This one almost defies comment. Anytime you add 7% to the cost of anything the price goes up. The argument the government tries to make is that because business will have a rebate on previously paid PST, they can pass these savings on to consumers in reduced prices. What they don’t say is that many businesses are already PST exempt, and therefore are not adding that cost to goods presently. But when it was pointed out the HST would save government liquor stores approximately 3% on the price of liquor, the government said it would not lower prices to compensate for the savings. They want everyone else to do it – but not them. Doesn’t that just take the cake?

MYTH #10 – HST is revenue neutral

FALSE: First the government said the HST was revenue neutral. Then they said the money raised would go to health care. Then they said there would be a first year overall loss of -$131M to implement the tax. Then they said without HST there would be cuts to health care and services. Their desperate attempt to avoid telling the truth – that the HST is a tax grab by Victoria to pay for extreme mismanagement of the economy, and a power grab by Ottawa to control BC’s tax authority, is being seen by more and more people for what it is – a dictatorial government that has lost touch with the people it was elected to serve.

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Comment by Anthony Toogood
2010-04-24 22:41:49

Thank you–that is the powerful information we need to help our cause. How can we get into the press? Everyone in BC needs to be able to read this!

Comment by bob
2010-06-29 22:16:48

The Government says the majority of the money from HST will go to fund Medicare, which I partially believe but also wonder why instead of endlessly increasing the spending, find a solution to the problem.

As in my previous rant, with the Provincial budget paying somewhere around 82% of the Medicare costs and with the aging population at some point the system will bust.

The taxes will be so high the common man will move away to another province.

I would like to see alternatives to driving the system till it breaks, why not look at out sourcing medical procedures to foreign countries that provide the same service for far less money.

Shop around like industry does and did with many of our high paying industrial jobs that went to Mexico or points East and West.

Gordy had our Ferries built off shore why not take that same strategy with the Medical System. If the Workers want too much money and it can be done somewhere else then poof gone.

Instead of waiting for surgery for years, simply charter a plane full of patients and away you go, come back a week later all done for way less money.

Or, even cheaper would be park a hospital ship 200 miles off shore and conduct all the procedures there with employees from other countries who work for far less money yet provide the same service.

It may be Gordy and the Liberals it maybe someone else, but at some point it has to happen, or we will be taxed out of living here.

I like it here and don’t want to be chased out

Comment by Sal Mineo
2010-04-24 23:49:02

Couldn’t agree more. I have never ssen an issue galvanize all British Columbians as the Fight HST cause has done. We will succeed because ordinary people finally have hope and faith that they can make a difference in how our government operates.

Let’s keep up the good fight and encourage friends, family, small businesses to get involved.

Comment by bob
2010-06-29 09:38:31

Many people move to BC to retire.

When people age the cost of keeping them going medical wise increases dramatically, analogous to an aging car or house.

Factor in most of that medical cost is funded by the Provincial Government and you can see the exponential rise in funding needed.

Look at it like if when a car got old and needed lots of repairs it moved to BC, where the repairs are done for free.

But they aren’t free, we are paying.

Unless the Federal Government in negotiation with the BC Government comes up with a formula to offset the costs foisted upon BC when pensioners move BC we will be hit with one sneaky tax after another to cover the costs.

I don’t have the answer, its complicated, if the HST fails there will be something else in its place, the bills keep coming in.

Comment by Wayne Clark
2010-04-25 17:16:57

Anthony, unfortunately BCs two dailys the Vancouver Sun and the Province are controlled by Canwest, thus the Aspers, and they do not serve the citizens of BC well, they ignore anything or provide disinformation on anything that the Aspers like or do not like, such issues as elections, STV, HST are a great example. You can not trust these sources of information, you have to do your research on most political issues using other more factual, less biased sources.

Comment by Andrew
2010-04-25 17:46:20

Aside from fighting the tax by pestering my incompetent and corrupt MLA (Cash(sic!) Heed) and work to get him recallled a.s.a.p., I will also implement very steep savings for my family. I will only buy the absolute necessities and buy from out of the province whenever this makes sense. I am also fighting the other major fraud – the carbon tax. To date I have bought only $5 worth of fuel in BC for the two cars of my family. I feel bad for small businesses, but they need to join us and fight a lot more vigurously.

Comment by Jim
2010-04-26 16:28:39

It’s the fault of the people of BC for not holding these people accountable. Gordon Campbell should not have won another term. At least people are trying to hold them accountable now.

Comment by Sue
2010-04-26 22:07:01

I live in a condo and we had our annual budget meeting this month. Our strata fees are going up dramatically. Stuff (materials and labour)that we paid the gst on will be 12% instead of 5%. Other stuff that we didn’t pay gst on will now be taxed 12%. I can barely afford to pay my strata fees. Others may not be able to stay in their own homes.

Comment by Mark Smith
2010-04-27 12:21:38

Bill, a minor correction regarding strata fees. At the moment, and goods used in building maintenance are subject PST at 7% and GST at 5%. The HST will not change this rate. Services, however, will be increased.

Comment by Mike
2010-04-29 12:42:56

I detest Gordo’s corporate party as much as I detest Harper’s corporate party. Something is very wrong with Canadian judgement to elect these corporate toadies over and over. We learned zilch after our bout with Mulroney. This HST will be a wonderful incentive for more of us to live under the table.

Comment by ginny chung
2010-04-30 13:49:17

May I have Bill Vander Zalm’s email address?

Comment by admin
2010-04-30 14:30:55

You may use the contact page on this website to reach Mr. VanderZalm

Comment by Gloria
2010-05-02 12:35:46

The combination of the HST and the budget, is what will put people out of their homes. Where the HST doesn’t get you the budget does. We every day people, saw this from day one. We fully predicted, what Campbell and Hansen’s dirty tactics would be. Campbell kicked the very citizens in the face, of those who forgave him his DUI. We also know, Harper bribed Campbell, to force the HST through. The HST will never get, to be debated in the House of Commons. Harper, will not allow the debate to be tabled. He would, only prorogue parliament once again. The M.P’s down east say, Harper is fascist, and too stubborn to work with. That is something else most of us knew, the minute the bribe came into being. We also knew, it was pointless, for the other parties writing to Harper, for an extension on the HST. We ordinary people see this country falling apart. The Canadian Constitution is dead. Civil Rights and Liberties, politicians, just thumb their noses at those rights. Democracy and Freedom, is null and void. We laughed when, Canada insisted a democratic government must be placed in Afghanistan. We no longer, have a democratic government, in our own country. The CRA is so corrupt, there is a class action suit against them. The three top reasons for corruption is Canada are, politicians, RCMP and the CRA. Canada has lost her esteem, in the eyes of, the rest of the world. Canada has, the worst crop of governing officials, the old timers can ever remember. Giving millions of our tax dollars to, banks, huge corporations, gas and oil company’s and giving them huge tax reductions to boot, smells rotten.

Comment by Dorothy Wood
2010-05-07 11:02:47

We are now, well and truly a
dictatorship in British Columbia and becoming one in Canada.
These arrogant politicians are no better than those running countries years ago and are becoming sharper in their approach to fooling all of us, or at least, trying to do.
Will there be uprising as seen in other countries? Perhaps we need to vent our frustrations
to get those arrogant people to listen. I would hope we would resort to violence but?
The priviledge of voting for your rights in Canada is a myth.

Comment by Hubert
2010-05-30 04:32:47

“DON’T TALK ABOUT RELIGION AND POLITICS IN THE WORK PLACE… the ploy of the government to ensure that we the general public remain totally ignorant. To substitute these they have allowed us to languish in SEX AND ALCOHOL. Their main intention was to ensure that we always remain dumb and ignorant to POLITICS. So one hears no water cooler talks. Cheers mate we are all screwed or so it seemed. But with the HST these jerks Gordon and Hansen may have woken the sleeping giant (people) and hopefully more of us will come out of the wood works to fight the HST in full force.

Comment by Herb Spencer
2010-10-16 13:37:43

With your attitude I suggest you leave BC before your own job is outsourced & you become a senior needing medical attention.
But then I suspect you are a BC Liberal stooge trying to annoy the readers of this great fight.

Comment by Herb Spencer
2010-10-16 13:39:21

Bob, get back to your job at the PAB.

Comment by scampbell charlatan
2010-10-16 20:07:40

The politics in this province is so pucked up. Its completely corrupt because CSIS wants to run the country and the RCMP brass want their share of the scam.

How come there’s so many mistakes on items being taxed still.

Is the HST the only way the liberals could balance the budget windfall that was never their and still put on the olympics for the world.

All the school cuts and tax increases were to cover Gordons spending.

Toll the sea to sky hiway.


Comment by scampbell charlatan
2010-10-16 20:15:35

BC really needs to revamp its political scene its so corrupt its amazingly stupidly obvious.

IF you dont want corruption get involved and ousted these idiots.

Comment by scampbell charlatan
2010-10-16 20:19:38

People are moving to different provinces and to different countries its to freaking expensive here! We may has something going for this province as far as resources go but politics just wastes all the gains we do and make. There all lot pretty countries in this world with good food and water waiting for modern indoor plumbing and housing and cheap taxes.

wake up you ass jacks lol

Comment by scampbell charlatan
2010-10-16 20:24:23

why do we have the some highest taxes in the world only to be stuck with bad policies bad politicians and poor leadership.

may i remind you your not building new roads in the lower mainland theres no more room for cars. so you cant use the old saying taxes which were brought in during the war and were supposed to be cancelled are need for that. unless your waging a war on keeping poor to pay for government jobs or bad government spending.

Quit spending the work class money with taxes.

Comment by grinch campbell
2010-10-18 05:56:06

On behalf of all the canners, buggy people,and freshly unemployed people living in vehicles Happy Holidays GORDON CAMPBELL.

Perhaps the Sea to Sky hiway has some over passes for people to live and school under.

1 billion dollars to secure the olympics and now we have business closing all over the lower mainland before christmas.

Do you mind if we label you the Grinch who stole christmas!

Comment by James P.
2011-08-29 22:55:22

We should run a full page of these myth buster on Vancouver Sun and/or The Province – Even though we have won the war. I worked in health care and I can see how mismanage it is and those people who support hst are pretty vocal about it in the office.

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